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Switching Registers

In this 60 Second Singing Tip, I share what will help you when switching registers for a smooth transition between your head voice and chest voice. The struggle we face in switching between chest voice and head voice is caused by the vocal chords being too tense when we are singing in our lower register. This tightness of the vocal chords causes them to close up making it difficult to then sing with them open in our upper register. The problem is not that our chest register is too low, but if we try to sing higher than it will allow, we force ourselves into a position where the chords are trying to close. You could also think of it like a rubber band. If you stretch a rubber band too far, it gets hard and difficult to move. It’s in a similar way that when we push our chest register too high, it makes it difficult to pass over smoothly into head voice. We need to make sure our chest register is relaxed and available as a high as possible before attempting to switch over into head voice. You’ve probably been struggling for years with these transitions on switching