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If you are an actor who is comfortable singing you will have twice as much work available to you. Yet so many actors put off singing training out of fear or lack of necessity and prematurely close doors to career opportunities that might have served them. I can not tell you how many times I get a call from an agent or manager at the last minute saying “my client has to sing for an audition in two days, HELP!!!” Or hearing from an actor that they were in an audition and the casting director said to them “I’m casting this other project that I want you to come in for. . . do you sing?”

I never want you to feel ambushed in a casting or have to turn down the opportunity for a job or an audition because you do not feel confident in your singing voice.

The time to work on your singing is definitely not the day before the audition. That is waaaaay too much pressure to put on yourself to quickly absorb concepts that take time to embody.

Through regular lessons, I help actors gain a sense of confidence about their singing voice enabling them to connect their instincts as an actor to the technical requirements of singing.

I work with actors of all disciplines and across the various mediums of television, film and musical theater. You don’t have to become the next Mariah Carrey or Audra McDonald, but when someone asks you if you sing, I want you to be able to answer confidently “Yes!”

My lessons focus on the needs of each individual actor and the ways in which you would like to incorporate singing into your career. It is crucial for actors to learn to connect to their breath energy whether they are singing or not. For many actors, your work with me in voice lessons has a way of reinforcing and expanding your work in acting classes.

I have worked with the actors of the New York Film Academy at their Los Angeles campus in Hollywood for many years now as well as the actors of the X Repertory Theater in downtown Los Angeles as part of their Studio Intensive Acting Conservatory. I teach a performance class called “Singing For Actors”, and I have seen first hand how singing training has contributed to huge breakthroughs in acting technique.

I am also a contributing expert to Backstage Magazine writing columns on singing and vocal health.