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When I was a young classical singer I often found it hard to experience vocal freedom and artistry amidst what I experienced to be the restrictive environment of the opera world. My work with classical singers is designed to help you shed your ideas of what you think an opera singer is “supposed” be and how a classical singer “should” sound, and instead connect to your most organic, powerful and authentic sound within. I give you tools to find a more reliable technique as well as a greater freedom and creative expression.

I work to open you up psychologically and creatively to make room for greater technical abilities to take root.

I aim to inspire you to be courageous and vulnerable, and to take action on realizing the free, consistent singing you aspire to. I teach a traditional "Bel Canto" technique infused with a holistic mind/body approach that focuses on harnessing and releasing the energy of breath and sound.

Working with me connects the tools of mindful awareness with high level technical training to guide you to experience your own vocal breakthroughs.

I have had the great fortune of studying with renowned teachers/singers Sheri Greenawald, Joan Patenaude Yarnell, Irene Gubrud, Lorraine Manz and Ron Anderson. I have collaborated with celebrated coach/accompanists Doug Sumi (L.A. Opera), Nino Sanikidze (L.A. Opera), Mia Ihm (L.A. Opera), Warren Jones (Santa Barbara Opera), Richard Bado (Huston Grand Opera) Michael Baitzer (Washington National Opera) and Ann Baltz (OperaWorks).

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My Education:

B.Mus from The Oberlin Conservatory 1999

M.Mus from The Manhattan School of Music 2001