Arden is the best teacher I’ve ever had the good fortune to work with. First, she’s extraordinarily knowledgeable about every aspect of singing: breathing, technique, physiology etc. As a professional herself, she knows the demands of performance and brings that level of professionalism and expertise to every minute of the experience. Second, she’s extraordinarily focused on you as the student. She listens and gets your goals and designs a program totally devoted to getting you where you want to go. She’s also really committed to making sure you’re able to do the things you’re capable of, and doesn’t just drop it – she checks in and is deeply committed to being sure you get it and can do it. Lastly, she’s really a great person to work with – optimistic, creative, supportive and insightful. She believes in the work you’re doing and is genuinely committed to making the learning experience beneficial and productive and fun. Working with Arden will improve not just your singing but your outlook and whole approach to performance.

David Zakon

Lauren Lograsso

I have taken voice lessons for the past thirteen years, however, it wasn't until I met Arden a year ago that I really started to learn how to sing. I don't even feel like voice teacher is a good enough label for her. She is more of a voice doctor. She goes in and methodically pinpoints every area where your voice could improve and gives you understandable techniques to bring your voice to its fullest potential. One lesson with her will give you a greater understanding of your voice and its capabilities than months or even years with another teacher. If you want to understand how to sing safely, truthfully and beautifully in any genre whatsoever (because she has done them all from pop to opera), then you must start taking lessons with her as soon as possible. There is no better investment of your time and money if you are serious about becoming a better singer.

Lauren LoGrasso, 27

John Surge

Arden is an amazing teacher and communicator. She's supportive but also very direct about what needs to be done to elevate your singing. I trust that I am in good care in her hands. If you're like me and committed to continuous improvement, Arden is a great guide and coach to help you on the journey.

John Surge

Aaryn Kopp

Arden’s coaching has had a dramatic impact on my singing. She has not only helped me with specific auditions, preparing the best song for my voice and the role, but has also supplied me with a technique that I can apply to any situation, at anytime.  Her technique has allowed me to relax, find my natural voice, and to trust myself - the last being an invaluable skill when auditioning and performing. I highly recommend Arden to anyone looking to learn a solid vocal technique in a comfortable and warm atmosphere. 

Aaryn Kopp, 26


"I just wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for the work we are doing together. You are the first voice teacher I have worked with that has made singing seem easy and accessible. What I've been able to take away from working with you is that the body already knows how to sing and it is about developing that trust in our own body to be there for us. Your style of teaching is so intrinsically linked to all that I have been learning about what we need to do to embrace vulnerability and release shame. It's really incredible.”

Sarah Ring, 26

Anne LaBella

I’ve been working with Arden for a little over a year, and in that time there have been drastic improvements in my voice. I went to see her after finishing with a degree in vocal performance, but then stepping away for few years because I couldn't seem to get my technique to lock into place, and without technique, a classical singer is in a sorry state. After working with Arden, I was able to get those pieces to fit into place and I was able to really hear my voice for the first time. I have a renewed confidence in my voice, something which I honestly haven't felt in a long time, and began enjoying to sing again. I have had the confidence to audition for jobs in both liturgical and performance settings, and have gotten the jobs. After feeling at odds with my voice for so long, it is wonderful to find a teacher whose knowledge of proper technique, and whose ability to explain it and help me implement the necessary changes, has helped me like my voice again.

Anne LaBella, 27

Christopher Barnes

Arden is a teacher of seemingly unending patience.  I had been singing arguably well for much of my life. So, until I started taking lessons with Arden I figured where I was as a singer was about as good as I was going to get.  But, thanks to her, I've been able to roll back decades of bad habits and sloppy technique.  My range is expanded and the tonal quality of my voice is much improved.  There are times in my lessons with her when I've surprised myself with things I didn't think I could do and it's made me giddy with delight.  I can't thank her enough for what she's done for me.

Christopher Barnes, 35

Matt Carlson

Arden was my vocal producer and vocal coach on a couple of songs I recorded while on an extended visit to LA.  Working with Arden was by far the best vocal experience I have had.  She analyzed my voice accurately and instructed me in specific ways to correct my technique in ways no one else had ever done.  Anytime I am in the Los Angeles area, I will seek Arden's vocal talent and expertise.

Matt Carlson, 23


Arden's video on Appoggio SAVED MY VOICE . . . no joke . . . I'm so grateful to have found it . . . even speaking has been difficult because I wasn't getting enough air, which made me more tense, tightening my throat, while squeezing in my diaphragm . . . instead of leaning out, expanding the lungs and being reminded to breathe into the back. I haven't been able to keep up with my yoga practice, which helped expand my lung capacity, but with this breathing technique I've found I still can access the necessary support to sing freely and relaxed. Thanks Arden for creating such a supportive environment !

Claire Morris

Abby Corrigan

Studying voice with Arden has changed the way I approach singing. My vocals have significantly improved! Her technique really works and I swear by it. Being coached by Arden was the smartest thing I ever did for my singing career!

Abby Corrigan, 19


I’ve had a few teachers before Arden, but I have never learned as much as I have with her. She really expanded my voice and the way I look at singing. I have had a wonderful experience studying with Arden and always end my lesson with a smile.

Jade Popper, 22

Test Photo

Training with Arden Kaywin for just one year so far has made a dramatic difference on my voice. Not only has she helped me technically, but she has also taught me a rich amount of knowledge in music and brought the best out of me as a performer.

Addy Amper, 20

Mickey Mittman (September 5, 2014)

I have studied voice for 15 years and Arden's lessons have been by far the most challenging and fulfilling. From the very beginning, she was able to catch my habits, reconstruct my technique, and teach me how to have fun in the process. Arden's knowledge and experience is unparalleled and I continue to learn new things from her every week.

Michael Mittman, 28

Liz Williams Borud

I have only been studying with Arden for a few months so far and almost immediately, she and I were able to identify and adjust some of my previous bad habits. I feel like I've made progress in leaps and bounds in a short amount of time. She is very perceptive and knowledgeable, and really knows how to communicate the aspects of her technique in a clear, easy-to-apply way.

Liz Williams Borud, 25


Arden Kaywin is an amazing voice teacher! I have made so much progress due to her detailed understanding of how the voice and body can best produce sound, as well as to her attentive and specific attention to my learning in every lesson. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Zack Thornborough, 27


We are delighted to recommend Arden as a vocal teacher. Our daughter had studied with several other teachers and stated, "I have never learned so much about voice in a half hour!". Ms. Kaywin is exceptionally positive, upbeat and enthusiastic with our daughter. She makes each lesson fun and productive. Thankfully through the power of Skype, we are able to give our daughter the most professional vocal lesson. The wonderful development in our daughter's voice has led to so many fantastic opportunities for her. We are so grateful to Ms. Kaywin for sharing her gift of music with our daughter. Thank You!

Deborah Dawson for her daughter Peach, 13


Arden has been a wonderful teacher, mentor and role model for my daughter.

Diana Bessler for her daughter Danielle, 14