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I teach singers a powerful method for building reliable technique, finding their true sound and eliminating mindset blocks to make a lasting impact with their talent.

Singers are SO good at getting stuck in their head!

Your voice is a unique gift that the world is waiting to receive. But does singing sometimes bring you more frustration than joy? We singers are so good at getting stuck in our head (trust me, I’ve been there).

My teaching and this site are dedicated to sharing ideas, tools and resources to help you get out of your head and back into your body. Let me help you build consistency and confidence in your singing so that it doesn’t just sound good, it FEELS good too!

Private Voice Lessons

Gain more understanding of

your singing technique and

uncover your true sound.

Intensive Program

Break through to the next level of your

career in this program of high level

technical training merged with proven mindful practice.

Vocal Producing

Go beyond your limitations

when recording to your most

inspired vocal performance.

How GREAT will it feel to sing when:

You know that EVERY SINGLE TIME you open your mouth you will make a good sound.

You are no longer scared that your singing and your talent won’t measure up.

You’re no longer held captive by the spin of your mind and you can trust your instrument to make the most organic, powerful, healthy and reliable sound.

You can actually connect to your artistry and your voice from a place of authenticity rather then the insecurity which convinces you that you need to be, look or sound some other way to be successful.

You can let go of control, trust your technique and sing from a place of freedom.



Do you have a lot of training but don't feel you are thriving as a professional?

Are you ready to access a deeper layer of potential in your voice? 

The 2 Month Intensive

Step into your potential.


There is ONE tool you need to know to build consistency in your singing.

The power of this tool is so transformative that I wouldn't dare keep it to myself. I’m sharing it with you in this FREE video training.

It is my gift to you for being the dedicated artists that you are!


When you invest in your talent through our work,

you create meaningful change for your future.


Studio Members get first dibs on singing workshops and master-classes, access to

studio member-only tips, tools and insights I don’t share anywhere else.



I’m so excited to have you!

Studio Members get motivational emails every once in a while, first dibs on scholarship seats to singing workshops and master-classes and other studio member-only resources I don’t offer anywhere else.

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