Do you feel like your recordings are not completely representative of your best singing?

Are you ever frustrated because you sing SO much better in rehearsal then in the recording studio?

You need a Vocal Producer

Singer with Mic

What does a Vocal Producer do, you ask?

A Vocal Producer guides you to a new level of inspired performance in the studio. My dual expertise as a voice teacher and recording artist has made me uniquely suited to being a Vocal Producer.

Recording artists, record labels and record producers hire me to work with recording artists like you as a Vocal Producer. We get together in advance of your recording sessions to coach the material you will be recording. Then I attend all your recording sessions of the sung material working hand in hand with your record producers and engineers and, most importantly, YOU, coaching and nurturing you throughout the session to get the best vocal performance possible out of you. After the session, I stay on with the engineer to comp and edit the vocal takes into their final form.

Part of my work as Vocal Producer can also include arranging the background vocals and vocal harmonies on your tracks.

I have served as a Vocal Producer with recording artists across the spectrum from major label artists (Radio Killa / Interscope / MySpace Records / Hollywood Records) and contestants from American Idol and X Factor, to indie artists (ZVision Records / PEGA Records) and “'tween” artists (Kidz Bop / Disney). My regular collaborators include Grammy® winner Rafa Sardina (Lady Gaga, Luis Miguel, Macy Grey), Grammy® winner Jeff Bova (Katy Perry, Celine Dion, Meatloaf), Emmy® nominated songwriter Amy Powers, and Loren Gold (music director for Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Roger Daltry).

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Vocal Producer

In-Studio Vocal Production

Vocal Session Prep

Arranging Harmonies & BGs

Melody & Lyric Finessing

Real Time Performance Maximization


The cost for my vocal producing services runs on a per project basis and is dependant on the scope of the recording project (how many songs, time frame etc.). If you are interested in having me produce vocals for your project, please reach out to me via the “Contact” page of this website. We will discuss the specifics of your project and I will give you a price quote.