Q: What does a typical session entail?

A: We might begin with an Alexander Technique breath and body warm up. I then take you through a series of vocalises which serve as a vocal warm up, and also allow us to hone in on your inefficient habits to begin the process of undoing. The vocalizes also reinforce the new technique you are learning with regard to your breath support and resonance. The second half of the lesson is spent working on repertoire of your choice putting into practice the technique reinforced in the warm-up.

Q: Why don’t you give “one-off” voice lessons?

A: When you work with me, you are investing in the lifetime health and beauty of your instrument. It took many years for most of you to get into the bad habits that are currently frustrating you when you sing, and it takes more than just a few lessons to undo them. I can deliver you true transformation and the best results when we commit to working together consistently for several months.