There is now and will only ever be ONE voice like yours!

. . . . . which is why the experience of having a vocal injury can be scary and overwhelming. Hopefully you will never have to experience it. But if you have damaged your vocal chords in some way, while the physical damage can most often be healed by an expert Otolaryngologist, Head & Neck Surgeon and/or Speech Pathologist, returning to singing after a vocal injury can feel like a much more daunting process then treating the physical injury itself.

I have developed a method for working with singers returning from vocal injury that is a gentle yet comprehensive program which builds a new, healthy, reliable technique while also rebuilding your confidence in your instrument and support.

There are unique confidence issues that often accompany singers returning from vocal injury.

We guide healing singers to return safely to singing with a healthy, confident and reliable technique so you are not at risk of damaging your voice again. 

Addressing trust and confidence issues is equally important as rebuilding healthy technique if you are to succeed in not repeating the same vocal damage again in the future. This requires a unique approach that is more effective in creating long lasting results than what can be achieved in traditional weekly voice lessons.

We guide you through deeply transformational work merging mind & body, high level technical vocal training and proven mindset practices to help you break the habits that caused your vocal injury in the first place and reestablish trust in your voice with a new foundation for healthy, consistant and powerful singing.