From Unknown Artist to People Magazine

From Unknown Artist to People Magazine

Are you a multi-passionate creative who’s been told that in order to be successful, “you have to choose” one path over the other?

Well, I’m just calling bullsh**t on that!

How do I know it’s just complete B.S.??

Because I work with singers everyday who are more successful because they DIDN’T choose.

Let me tell you about my singer Lauren LoGrasso for a second because, not that long ago, she was just like you.

She was suffering because, while her “day job” career as a podcast producer was fulfilling and thriving, she still had that little voice inside her which continued to nag her to pursue her singing & songwriting in a big way.

But she was scared because she had all these limiting beliefs that were convincing her that if she pursued her music to the same degree she pursued podcasting:

  • she wouldn’t be taken seriously anymore as a podcast producer and could lose the success she’d built in that career
  • people wouldn’t take her music seriously because she was known as a podcast producer
  • her music would suffer because of the time she spent on podcasting
  • her podcasting would suffer because of the time she spent on her music

. . . . .time was slipping away and her music was languishing while she stayed on the bench, paralyzed to move forward because of all this fear.

And the worst part?

This paralysis was costing her time, opportunities and most of all, her sense of fulfillment and purpose because she was ignoring a MAJOR piece of her soul’s purpose.

So when I first met Lauren, she was feeling really stuck and it was showing up in her voice and her songwriting.

I knew there was no way I was going to let this talented, passionate artist continue to be the victim of her own thinking for ONE MINUTE LONGER.

We got under the hood to help her understand how this “stinking thinking” was showing up in her voice, effecting her technique and her unique artistry, and her ability to really own her path.

Through our work together, Lauren’s voice and her music transformed and she went from an unknown artist to being featured in People Magazine (twice!!!) for her music.

But something else happened that I don’t even think Lauren expected.  . . . . . her podcasting career has gone gangbusters at the same time!

She’s created hit shows such as Gwenneth Paltrow’s “Goop” podcast, Brené Brown’s “Unlocking Us”, Lauren Conrad:’s “Asking for a Friend” and “Meaningful Conversations” with Maria Shriver. And now she has her own People’s Choice Award nominated podcast, “Unleash Your Inner Creative”.

She is living proof that YOU DON’T HAVE TO CHOOSE!

And here’s why:

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything!

So when you change one thing, it has the power to change everything if you let it.

Stepping into full ownership of her singing, the process she went through to do that, all that she learned, and all that she became were the exact things that allowed Lauren to succeed at a higher level in her Podcasting too.

So do you need to choose??? NO

And if you don’t believe this is true. . . .if you think I’m full of you-know-what, cool. Carry on choosing one path.

But if you actually want to build a life from ALL of your gifts and know that your singing is THE missing piece, then Book A Call with us.

We’ll share with you the exact same strategies we used with Lauren and countless other multi-passionate singers that maximized their gifts.

With the right support and a proven strategy to help you past your blocks, you will see these gifts in ALL your endeavors.

Book A Call with me and my team to learn how we can help you do that today.



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