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From Unknown Artist to People Magazine

From Unknown Artist to People Magazine Are you a multi-passionate creative who’s been told that in order to be successful, “you have to choose” one path over the other? Well, I’m just calling bullsh**t on that! How do I know it’s just complete B.S.?? Because I work with singers everyday who are more successful because they DIDN’T choose. Let me tell you about my singer Lauren LoGrasso for a second because, not that long ago, she was just like you. She was suffering because, while her “day job” career as a podcast producer was fulfilling and thriving, she still had that little voice inside her which continued to nag her to pursue her singing & songwriting in a big way. But she was scared because she had all these limiting beliefs that were convincing her that if she pursued her music to the same degree she pursued podcasting: she wouldn’t be taken seriously anymore as a podcast producer and could lose the success she’d built in that career people wouldn’t take her music seriously because she was known as a podcast producer her music would suffer because of the time she spent on podcasting her podcasting would suffer because of the time