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Effortless High Notes… Without Fear or Strain

Effortless High Notes… Without Fear or Strain Nearly every singer I work with has struggled with high notes at one point or another. It’s that nagging insecurity of “Am I gonna make it???” . . . . especially when they’re performing and there’s a lot on the line. It plagues them when they’re recording and they’re chasing take after take as their body gets tighter and tighter. And, it also hits them in auditions when they’re not sure if they’ll be able to nail it when it counts despite all the training they’ve had. The worst part? The anxiety it creates when you can’t rely on your range, and the way it decks your confidence and prevents you from building the kind of successful singing career your talent is otherwise capable of. And, so, you try to deal with it – you watch endless YouTube videos which either confuse you more or frustrate you because you have no idea if you actually doing it right.  You continue to try to put yourself out there for opportunities in your singing career, but it only makes you feel more insecure because you know that without those reliable money notes, it’s hard to