Top 10 Causes of Vocal Fatigue

Top 10 Causes of Vocal Fatigue

Do you ever experience Vocal Fatigue after you sing?



You heard me right. . . .if you get vocally tired after you sing (meaning: you get hoarse, you loose parts of your range, you go to sing and little/no sound comes out and the only way to fix it is for you to not sing or talk for a day or more) then you should be thanking your lucky stars.

Why? Because Vocal Fatigue is like a giant, flashing neon sign telling you there’s something you need to fix right away that’s going to make your voice, your sound and your performances MUCH better once you do. 

So if you experience Vocal Fatigue, it’s an opportunity to take a closer look at your mechanism and the way you’re using it to take you to the next level. 

It’s also SUPER important because Vocal Fatigue is a key indicator that you’re headed for vocal injury – nodes, vocal cord hemorrhage, a paralyzed vocal cord – cause all the things that contribute to Vocal Fatigue are the same things that lead to vocal injury if they’re not addressed.

They’re also the same things that kill careers. . . .how are you gonna tour 6 shows a week if you get vocal fatigue after singing for one hour, or you loose your voice after doing one show? And then you have to shut up for the next several days waiting for your voice to heal and come back. 

Would you even put yourself out there for those opportunities in that case? Doubtful. 

Now your impact and your earning potential suffer because you can’t deliver night after night in a powerful, sustainable way. 

So you stay at your side job, week after week, month after month watching some other singer up there living your dream. All because you didn’t pay attention to the giant, flashing neon sign.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, which is why today I’m talking about “The Top 10 Causes of Vocal Fatigue”.

You need to know this.

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