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3 Exercises to Reduce Tension While Singing

3 Exercises to Reduce Tension While Singing It used to drive me nuts as a developing singer when my teachers would point out tension in various parts of my body when I sang.  They’d say “Go to yoga, get a massage or go get acupuncture”, all of which I would do. . . . And feel great. . . .    And then come back to singing and be RIGHT back where I started in the same tension again.  It would frustrate me to no end.  I KNEW that the tension was preventing me from my most powerful sound, but nothing I tried had any effect on it UNTIL. . . . I figured out 3 Exercises To Reduce Tension While Singing, and I want to share them with you in this episode of The Pro Singer Success Collective.  I’m gonna discuss the nature of tension and strain in singing and how you can FINALLY address it effectively.     Join me to learn: 3 Exercises to Reduce Tension While Singing   You need to know this!! P.S. We created a series of quick, easy singing tips that can be implemented into your everyday practice. These tips range from technique, to mindset,