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Optimize Singing Performances

Today I want to talk about how to optimize singing performances! So, you want to optimize your singing. Good for you! Singing is an awesome thing to do and it’s great to have a goal of improving it—it’s fun, social, and can even be lucrative if you’re good enough. But what exactly is optimizing? In this context, optimizing means taking actions that will make the most effective use of your time so that you get better results faster. Let’s break down those terms: effective use of time means that the amount of effort required for something should match the reward received from doing it. For example: running around in circles for three hours might feel good at first but after about 20 minutes all the endorphins are gone and now all that remains is sore joints and tired muscles; on the other hand playing chess requires just as much concentration but gives way more benefits because there’s more room for growth (and winning!). So when we talk about making effective use of our time with regards to singing we mean focusing on activities that help us improve with little or no cost (in terms of resources) involved.” It means that