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My Secret Weapon Is Now YOUR Secret Weapon!

Ever wonder if there’s one thing you could do to always sing well? Kind of like a secret weapon that would give you power & reliability every single time. Well, I happen to believe there actually is such a concept to sing well.  And once you know it, it globally changes what your body does to make sound when you sing. I know your curious. . . . I call it a secret weapon because of the dramatic effect it has on eliminating strain and creating stability and reliability in your voice. So no matter what genre you sing or what level singer you are, your chances of maximizing your technique to sing well go WAAAAAY up when you understand this key concept. So what is it???? Drum roll please. . . . . OPPOSITION Yup. . . . That might sound totally esoteric to you, but I’m goin’ SUPER fundamental with this one. The concept of Opposition is a game changer. TRUST ME. And you know me, I’m in this for the long haul with you. While I enjoy giving you tips and tricks to sound better singing in the short term – my ultimate goal is to set you