The #1 Thing That Creates Elite Singing Careers QUICKLY

The #1 Thing That Creates Elite Singing Careers QUICKLY You want that next-level, elite singing career but you don’t know the next step. . . What’s the game changer that will bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to go? Is it: Getting the “right” management? Going out for more or different auditions? Working with the “right” producer? Switching up the genre you sing? There’s all these questions and most singers I know get stuck in paralysis and fear of making the wrong decision. Truth is, anytime you’re about to do something different and get out of your comfort zone, you’re going to experience fear. The singers who grow the most elite singing careers QUICKLY are the ones who have a strategy to deal with it. We see it every day in my studio.. Maybe you’re fixating on thoughts like: … What if I’m full of it and I can’t really do it? … What if people call me a fraud? … What if I can’t deliver when it counts? …What if I’m not really as good as I think I am? A lot of world class performers never get off the bench because of fear.