Belly Breathing

Belly breathing is a great way to calm and focus yourself. In this episode, we’ll learn what it is and why it’s important for everyone to do!

What is Belly Breathing?

You’ve probably heard the term “belly breathing.” But what does it mean? Belly breathing is a common term for diaphragmatic breathing, which is the most efficient way to breathe. Diaphragmatic breathing also goes by belly breathing because of its location in your body—your diaphragm moves down when you inhale and up when you exhale, which creates space between your ribs and abdomen.

This type of respiration has many benefits: It helps keep your blood pressure low, allows more oxygen into your lungs (which raises their capacity), improves concentration and mental clarity, boosts energy levels by increasing blood flow in the brain (and thus oxygen delivery), reduces fatigue after physical exertion or stressful situations such as public speaking or heavy lifting at work; and even helps reduce snoring!

Why is this bad?

You may be wondering why belly breathing is bad for your voice. After all, doesn’t everyone breathe and what’s wrong with that?

Belly breathing is not a bad thing, you just have to learn how to properly. When you think about it, you focus on pushing out your stomach but what does that do?

The problem with most people who are new to singing or acting is that they don’t understand how their bodies work during performances: they try too hard while performing which causes tension in holding their breath while singing; they also hold their breath while speaking instead of exhaling naturally like they should be doing throughout conversations when talking with others face-to-face! This type of behavior will result in poor vocal quality which leads us directly back into our first point about why belly breathing isn’t great for singers/actors – especially those who still need practice before getting onstage!

Take a deep breath, but learn how to release it!

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