Do you struggle to have your performances and your voice stand out from the crowd, for example unlocking sound?  

Do you fear you just don’t know how to find your “own sound” and all of what makes you an original artist? 


Traditional vocal training focuses primarily on technique – understanding breath support, refining resonance, getting rid of tension and bad habits – and don’t get me wrong, all of these things are super important. 

But being a perfectly technical singer never moved an audience to tears or brought them to their feet. Technique is only a part of the equation – yet it’s the only thing that most voice teachers pay attention to. . . . 

. . . .which is why so many talented singers feel like they’re either really amazing parrots, or they have absolutely no idea what their own special sauce is (let alone how to call it forth). 

Here’s what I want you to know: the world doesn’t need another Mariah or Pavarotti, they need YOU. 

So how do you being unlocking sound that makes you special as an artist? I’ll share with you in this video.

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