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[LIVE] How To Know If Perfectionism Is Blocking Your Voice

[LIVE] How To Know If Perfectionism Is Blocking Your Voice Let’s illuminate what perfectionism really is, the unintended effects it has on your voice and how to annihilate it. . . . . – – – – – – – – – – – To work with Arden and join our game-changing training program, Book A Discovery Call with Arden here:   Join the Pro Singer Success Collective on Facebook to catch the LIVES weekly! Click the image above to watch or view here!   P.S. We created a series of quick, easy singing tips that can be implemented into your everyday practice. These tips range from technique, to mindset, to performing secrets where I will be pulling the curtain back to find your best confident voice. New#60SecondSingingTips are posted every 2 weeks, so come back to learn more! . Also incase you haven’t seen it, Watch Arden’s Masterclass:  “The 5 Step Strategy Smart, Professional Singers Use to Finally Get That Breakthrough in Their Singing which Ushers In Big, Sustainable Careers” Click HERE to Watch the Masterclass: -Arden Kaywin Vocal Studio-

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Perfectionism: The Thief Of Good Singing

Sometimes the things that improve our singing the most have nothing to do with singing at all. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to the standards we set for ourselves and why I say that perfectionism is the thief of good singing. We all want to sound good but at what point does that tip into perfectionism, and how can you know? Here are a few questions to ask yourself: Do I set standards waaaaay higher and more demanding for myself then the standards I apply to my friends/colleagues/family? Do I ever find that I have all-or-nothing thinking where I feel “almost perfect” as a failure? Do I ever have difficulty taking pride in my accomplishments because I am so focused on tiny perceived mistakes or imperfections in my work that I have trouble acknowledging the larger achievement? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then you, my friend, just might be a perfectionist. Welcome to the club! Illustrious members include Steve Jobs, Mozart, Flaubert so you are in very good company. The thing is, while perfectionism may work for some people, it is mostly disastrous for singers. When we feel we have to be perfect