[LIVE] How Your Thoughts Sabotage Your Voice

[LIVE] How Your Thoughts Sabotage Your Voice [Watch Now] Did you know your thoughts can sabotage your voice? Most of you have so much “Stinking Thinking’” going on, and you don’t even REALIZE the effect it’s having on your singing. Today we’ll be deep diving into how the mind/body connection in singing really works and how to leverage it to work FOR you instead of against you so you succeed both on stage and off. Join the Pro Singer Success Collective on Facebook to catch the LIVES weekly! https://www.facebook.com/groups/ProSingerSuccessCollective Click the image above to watch or view here!   P.S. We created a series of quick, easy singing tips that can be implemented into your everyday practice. These tips range from technique, to mindset, to performing secrets where I will be pulling the curtain back to find your best confident voice. New#60SecondSingingTips are posted every 2 weeks, so come back to learn more! . Also incase you haven’t seen it, Watch Arden’s Masterclass:  “The 5 Step Strategy Smart, Professional Singers Use to Finally Get That Breakthrough in Their Singing which Ushers In Big, Sustainable Careers” Click HERE to Watch the Masterclass: https://webinar.ardenkaywinvocalstudio.com/s/nR2MHP?utm_source=WebsiteBlogPost -Arden Kaywin Vocal Studio-