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Breath Efficiency

If you have ever asked yourself questions like “how do I maintain my breath efficiency until the end of the phrase?” or “what do I do with the air left in my lungs at the end of a phrase?,” this #60SecondSingingTip is for you. Tune in for one simple shift you can make to breathe more efficiently. There are two important things to remember when it comes to breathing: The air should support the sound and not be an impediment to making good singing sounds. Your body has an innate knowledge of how to breathe in a way that supports healthy vocal production, but sometimes we forget what it feels like! Don’t hold your breath at the end of a phrase! This can cause tension in your body which will affect your sound quality and is also dangerous for various reasons such as blood pressure and heart rate changes. Your body is smart and it knows how you manage your breath when you sing. Switch it up by breathing where you will naturally breathe and watch your breath efficiency improve! Breathing is the most important part of singing, as it is the key to good vocal technique. This means that