2 Key Truths To Breakthrough In Your Singing

After you’ve had yet another disappointing audition or go months between paid gigs, do you ever wonder if this is as far as you’ll go? Here’s the thing. . . .

You’re not alone.
Nearly every singer I know has been through this at one time or another.

You’ve become so good at second-guessing, self-doubt and control that you just can’t see the forest through the trees anymore.

But the solution lies in your ability to internalize two key truths:

Singing is a metaphor for life. And as such, the journey is the thing! We never arrive.

Our lives are an ever-changing and constantly evolving odyssey and so too is our singing. It is incumbent on you to figure out how to enjoy the journey because if you don’t, then you’re missing the whole point.

Changing your thinking = changing your singing. How and what you think about your singing has a direct effect on what your body does to produce the sound.

We all have a conditioned set of beliefs (from our individual families, communities, religions, schooling, experiences etc.) that can subconsciously affect our ability to realize the full potential of our voice.

These beliefs sabotage your ability to fully internalize your technique because you carry the emotional responses to them in your body as old self-protective mechanisms, the physical effects of which play out when you sing.

So if you want a more powerful and reliable sound. . . if you want to make the kind of impact when you sing that wins auditions and makes recordings that get noticed. . . .

. . . .than you have gain awareness around your thinking because your ability to impact an audience depends on it.

Your body cannot do what your brain is sabotaging.

There is a limit to what the former can do without attention paid to the latter.

So how do you gain awareness?

Doing things like mindful practice, yoga, psychotherapy, meditation or other self-actualization techniques doesn’t cut it.

Don’t get me wrong, those are all great practices for general life optimization – you feel great after doing a meditation or talking to your therapist, but you’re still not winning auditions or making recordings that get noticed.

Why? Because none of these self-actualization techniques addresses the mind/body connection in the moment of singing.

That’s the main thing preventing you from making the impact necessary to build a high-level, sustainable career.

And that’s what we’re experts at teaching.

Most of you are too close to your blocks to see them so if there’s a wall, you’re gonna walk right into it. And odds are, you’ve been walking into the same wall for years without any clue how to get past it.

You need an expert, a guide, and the support of a proven system to teach you how to tap into the mind/body connection in the moment of singing by eliminating all the blocks that have been preventing you from accessing it this whole time.

And when you do that? All the technique you intellectually know but have struggled with embodying finally shows up.

Inconsistency and insecurity become a thing of the past.
Freedom and impact become the new normal and that’s the rich soil from which a successful singing career grows.

If you want to know if this work is right for you, book a call with me.

We’ll get on the phone for about 45min and on the call our goal will be to get you crystal clear on 3 things:

  1. The current state of your technique, your sound, your mindset and your career.
  2. The gap between where you are and where you want to go.
  3. The exact step-by-step strategy for you to follow to break the blocks and patterns preventing you from taping into your mind/body connection in the moment of singing and having the sound and career you really want.

Now there’s no charge for this call, it’s a free service that we want to provide to you, and the goal of this call is to give you massive clarity.

Once we’ve got the clarity and put together the strategy, if you want our help to implement that strategy we can definitely talk about that, but if not, that’s totally cool too.

My goal is to give you massive clarity and freedom on this call, because if you’re like most of the singers we talk to, all the difficulties you’re experiencing are really just symptoms, they’re not the real problem. You probably don’t know even what the real problem is.

But here’s the catch, this is not for everybody. Here’s who this is for:

1. You MUST be an experienced, talented singer who already has some technical training. This offer is NOT for new singers looking to start on their journey. If you’ve never invested in training before or never worked with a vocal coach consistently for a period of time, this offer is not for you.

2. You must really care about creating transformation in your singing and your career.  There is no substitute for really wanting to give your best, impacting others with your voice and changing your life doing it. This stuff is not easy. We can make it really simple for you but nobody’s gonna make it easy. There’s no substitute for passion and commitment. You’ve gotta really, really want this.

3. You must have grit and tenacity. All the singers we’ve worked with who have gone on to major breakthroughs in their singing and careers worked hard, invested in their singing, and persisted through multiple challenges – now, we held their hand every step of the way, but in no way, shape or form is getting your singing and yourself to the place where you have a reliable sound and a successful career easy.

You’ve GOT to be willing to do the work.

If that is you, then I want to invite you to book a call with me.

Click HERE to grab your spot to talk with me today.

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