The Death of Voice Lessons

Bad news – traditional vocal training doesn’t work.

Ask most singers if they feel their career success reflects the amount of training they’ve had. I promise you – the majority will tell you one of two things.

Either they’ve spent many years and tons of money on voice lessons and still don’t have a high level career, OR they’ve had some lessons here and there but never stuck with it because they weren’t getting the breakthroughs the needed so they’re still on the bench.

This is because the way singers are currently trained DOES NOT WORK.

So many singers have been burned by the current system – it’s been failing singers for decades now. Maybe it’s even happened to you and you recognize yourself in one of the examples above.
This is something we ALL need to consider carefully if we want to be able to make an impact with our singing in a big way.

Here’s what I know:

Singers don’t just show up to their training needing technique. They’ve also got tons of emotional blocks and loads of mind trash preventing them from singing like a badass and having a big career.

Some things to consider:

* Ever wonder why the SAME technique issues keep coming up over and over again despite god-knows-how-much time you’ve been working on them? (Hint: it’s not because your teacher hasn’t given you the tools)

* Ever wonder why you nail it when you’re in your own practice but you never seem to deliver the same way when it counts in an audition or in performance? (Hint: it has nothing to do with the vocal exercises you’ve been taught)

* Ever wonder why so many singers don’t make it and quit? (Hint: it’s not because they don’t have an amazing voice)

Your window of opportunity to understand these things is closing. The longer you wait, the longer you stay in a system of training that has been failing you and preventing you from having the sound, the career and the life you really want.

Learning technique is just Step One. And unfortunately that’s where traditional training begins and ends.

To be a successful pro singer with a big career, you ALSO need to know:

  • How to stand out from the competition.
  • What it takes to make an impact when you sing.
  • How to consistently nail it every single time.
  • How to let go and get out of your own way.

AND you need to know how to compete in a very crowded market with people who are more successful, more well-known and more well connected then you without flinching.

Every week I hear from singers who are not making it and stuck in the frustration of knowing they have huge talent and are wasting it. They’re in this hell because they never got past Step One. All they have is technique, and that’s not enough.

But there are HUGE opportunities out there . . . .IF you’re not stuck in Step One.

Otherwise, you’re gonna stay behind. Don’t let that be you.

Here in my studio, we train singers with an entirely different paradigm. We’re not just training your technique (we don’t stop at Step One). We train your mind, body, instrument and artistry because we know (and have the real world client results to prove it) that those essential things are what catalyze technique, impact and enable big, sustainable careers.

The time is NOW. Audiences are more sophisticated, the playing field is much bigger and opportunities move much faster.

Singers who get noticed in a shorter amount of time with bigger impact on their audiences are the ones who will thrive. The ones that can’t will be working at Starbucks.

Traditional voice lessons just don’t cut it anymore.

Are you ready?

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