Why Singers Feel Burnt Out

Ever wonder why singers feel burnt out?

Let me know if any of this sounds familiar:

“Start posting covers on YouTube”, they said… the fans will come rushing in.

“Play out, book as many gigs as you can”, they said. Better yet, do FREE gigs for exposure. No, wait….PAY to play!

If you’re an opera singer or musical theater singer: “Change your repertoire” or  “Loose 10lbs” they said, ” Just move to NYC!”

Give away your best stuff. Free downloads for an email address then cross your fingers those people come to a show.

Post on social media 12 times per day.And I love this one… “Try to be authentic”. (I mean seriously . . .if you have to try, then is it really authentic?)

All that and you’re no closer to being at the level you want in your career. All that to barely earn anything back. All that time, money and energy spent pursuing this passion and still coming up short.


If you’re like most singers, you think “I got into this so I could connect to people, move them and create some meaning in this world with my voice on a large scale….not to spend my time begging people on social media to listen to my music, PAYING to play gigs where nobody but my roommate shows up, being a professional auditioner and getting burnt out at my crappy day job just to keep chasing this dream and coming up short again and again”.

Most singers feel like an island, all by themselves, with no real support when it comes to knowing how to get from where they are right now to where they want to go. . . .with no guidance into understanding what their real blocks are artistically and technically that are preventing them from making a lasting impact with their voice and having the BEST shot at living their dream.

You have talent, you’re a great singer. . . .you’ve invested years in making this dream happen…. yet somehow along the way, no one ever taught you how to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY.

Nobody actually showed you how to build a foundation of technique and artistry that you could trust instead of sabotage…….which is what you’ve been doing up till now without realizing it, and why all the ways you’ve been putting yourself out there in the industry aren’t returning the results you want at the level you want.

Let me make this very clear:
(I’m gonna tough love you right now)

Unless you learn how to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY and BUILD THAT FOUNDATION, doing anything else is a complete waste of time … and I can prove it.I want you to check out this master class I put together recently.

It’s SO important that you understand how you got where you are, how it’s NOT your fault, and what you can do about it. I don’t want you to spend another day feeling burnt out.

In this masterclass I share the exact strategy that allows singers to effortlessly perform at their very best, blow away their spectators and massively up-level their careers – without burning themselves out, resorting to industry fads or having to be someone they’re not just to get noticed.

I pull back the curtain and reveal the step-by-step foundation you can use to get bold, get out of your own way, get rid of your technique issues once and for all, find your true sound and make a big impact with your voice.

If you didn’t get the chance to watch when I first shared the link, check it out now.

👉 Click here to watch: webinar.ardenkaywinvocalstudio.com/s/nR2MHP?utm_source=WebsiteBlogPost

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