This Tool Is Like Rocket Fuel For Your Technique And Your Career

If you are a singer who is currently feeling stuck and unhappy with where your singing and your career is…

And you’re ready to bust through the blocks, build a foundation and sing in a way that yields much bigger results…

And not just any results, but the kind that you’re actually excited about…

Then you won’t want to miss what I have to share with you today.

Since 1999, I’ve sang with major opera companies around the country, made two pop records, sang opera on movie soundtracks, sang pop in national commercials for major brands and had my voice and my songs licensed by tv shows on every major network…. my voice is even in a singing Barbie doll! One could say that I’ve got that whole “singing” thing down.

But what looks like a whole lot of success on the outside, was really just my own limiting beliefs run riot on the inside.

See, what you don’t know is: I ran from genre to genre, from one city to another (NY to LA), from one goal to another, achieving a modest amount of success in one place before I’d reach a wall that I couldn’t figure out how to get past to sing any better, be any more “marketable”, be any more noticed and grow things to next level so I’d blame it on external things (the type of music or the industry or the city I was in) and make a jump.

Even though I had a lot of success doing all these things, when it came to translating them into staying the course with one purpose, I struggled. I really struggled.

Yet as you may know, I finally got there.

I needed to go through all that in my earlier career – all those successes and frustrations and failures – so that I could live my true purpose as a singer which ultimately is building this unbelievable tribe of “woke” singers you’re a part of.

It’s amazing how easy it is to stay the course, do the difficult work and have incredible success when your passion and your purpose are aligned.

I will not lie to you though. There’s SO much of what I went through that I would NOT want to go through again.

The birthdays celebrated with a hesitation that another year had gone by and I was still at my crappy day job instead of singing for a living.

The major self-doubt when my second record flopped completely after selling 10,000 of my first one.

The constant waiting when I was a young opera singer and the frustration of not knowing when I’d be ready to sing the “bread and butter” rep.

Making it to sing in an “A” level opera house and the perfectionism that crippled me.

The dread of being asked “how’s the music going?” and the immediate feeling of failure if I didn’t feel like I had anything impressive I could say.

Watching other singers I knew who were just as talented get the gigs instead of me and wondering if it will ever be my turn as I could feel my clock ticking.

The many, many New Year’s resolutions that this year will be different and I’ll finally get my big break!

It was hell at times. And if I knew how to do it with a bit less suffering than I endured, I would have enjoyed the journey a lot more. I would have had way more gratitude for the sacred window of opportunity I was being given.

Which brings me to YOU.

I understand the longing and frustration in your heart. I know what it feels like to not be where you think you ought to be by now in your singing and your career. I understand what it’s like to crave a larger impact for your talent while at the same time trying to “be ok” with where you are.

And I know you question yourself, your talent and wonder what you are doing wrong. You are NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG. You are on a journey right now that, like mine, is full of treasures that you didn’t even know you were seeking.

There’s a Buddhist saying “No mud. No Lotus”. There can be no lotus flower without the mud from which it grows.

But so many of us have limiting beliefs and stinkin’ thinkin’ that prevents us from seeing the mud for what it is: An opportunity.

So today, take the opportunity you’re being given to transform and run with it.

To get you started, here is a very powerful tool you can use which is like rocket fuel for helping you get through the mud, stay the course, maximize opportunity and set the foundation upon which amazing singing and successful careers are built.

There’s no need to spend another minute in the pain of wondering “what if” when I’ve got tools for you.

Be committed.
Be resourceful.

Watch now.



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