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The Talented Singer Burnout Spiral

I just got off the phone with a brilliant singer whose career has been dying a slow death over the last few years (goes back before Covid).  She has a wonderful instrument, tons of talent and so much passion. But her recordings don’t make an impact, she has no real fan momentum, her live shows don’t get her any traction…….and it’s killing her career. Thing is, she’s working her tail off: Practicing every day. Writing/recording/releasing new material all the time. Networking. Auditioning for opportunities. Posting on Instagram six times a day. Grinding out YouTube videos. Doing everything she can to get noticed……but she just can’t seem to rise above the noise. Like so many other talented singers, she’s stuck in the talented singer burnout spiral.  With so many singers out there all fighting to be relevant, she’s twisting herself into pretzels just to get noticed. But in doing so, the game is over before it’s even started. The bottom line: it all comes back to the voice. If you’re not performing in a way that makes an impact…your story, your music, and YOU will never break through the noise to get the attention you deserve. BUT…what if there were another way?

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Why Singers Feel Burnt Out

Ever wonder why singers feel burnt out? Let me know if any of this sounds familiar: “Start posting covers on YouTube”, they said… the fans will come rushing in. “Play out, book as many gigs as you can”, they said. Better yet, do FREE gigs for exposure. No, wait….PAY to play! If you’re an opera singer or musical theater singer: “Change your repertoire” or  “Loose 10lbs” they said, ” Just move to NYC!” Give away your best stuff. Free downloads for an email address then cross your fingers those people come to a show. Post on social media 12 times per day.And I love this one… “Try to be authentic”. (I mean seriously . . .if you have to try, then is it really authentic?) All that and you’re no closer to being at the level you want in your career. All that to barely earn anything back. All that time, money and energy spent pursuing this passion and still coming up short. Ugh. If you’re like most singers, you think “I got into this so I could connect to people, move them and create some meaning in this world with my voice on a large scale….not to spend my