Wake-up Call

What are you willing to settle for? What are you willing to fight for?

I recently spoke with a smart, talented Musical Theater singer who said, “God will send me my big break in divine timing.”

She’s 39yrs old, settling for ensemble in local and regional shows, and continuing to clock in at a day job she hates because she’s never been able to get cast in an Equity show or make Equity money.

So why did she really say that?

Because she’s been beat down and had her heart broken every time she goes out for an Equity show and gets cut after the first round.

And the story she’s telling herself so she can sleep at night – the story she’s BEEN telling herself and settling for for over 17yrs – is that her dream will happen in “divine timing”.

What she doesn’t realize is that this is her subconscious coping mechanism. . . .
. . . . and it’s actually keeping her from achieving her dream.

These are the things you tell yourself so you don’t feel scared or frustrated or depressed about the fact that you are invisible, your talent is being wasted and the dream that you had for your life is fading into the rear view mirror.

But here’s what I know after 20 years of saving professional singers’ voices and careers:

Everything you want is just on the other side of your fear and self-protection.

And the longer you stay in your coping mechanisms telling yourself “it’s not that bad” and “God will send me my big break in divine timing”, the less apt you are to take the steps necessary to create the kind of change and momentum required to have what you really want.

It can be hard to break these coping mechanisms, but you don’t have to face it alone.

When serious singers come into The Intensive Program, we’ve got their back.

We help them get clarity from within about WHY their auditions/recordings/performances aren’t landing them the high-level singing career they really want.

Whether it’s a technique thing, an artistry thing, a mindset thing . . . .

We help them build impact in their singing that invites the big opportunities (instead of unconsciously repelling them) by learning how to get past the blocks that would have them believe ANYTHING is going to change until THEY do.

So stop waiting for a miracle.
Stop believing the lies you’ve been telling yourself for years.

If you’re inspired to take action, if you’re ready to invest in yourself and do whatever it takes to get the help you need to finally breakthrough, Book a Call with me.

We’ll get clarity on the real issues, the blocks/patterns/habits that are keeping you from thriving at the level you want in your singing career and I’ll share the exact strategy we use with our singers that have brought the big breakthroughs in their singing and career. If you’d like our help to get there, then we can explore whether we’re a great fit to partner together and if not, that’s ok too.

This call is not for new singers who have never had any one-on-one professional vocal training before.

This is for serious singers with experience and training who are ALREADY in the game.

This is for singers who are out there auditioning/recording/performing and not seeing the results of their time and effort in the form of the thriving performing career they really want.

If that’s you, and you’re ready to change all that, then  Book a Breakthrough Call with us.

I look forward to talking with you!

P.S. We created a series of quick, easy singing tips that can be implemented into your everyday practice. These tips range from technique, to mindset, to performing secrets where I will be pulling the curtain back to find your best confident voice. New#60SecondSingingTips are posted every 2 weeks, so come back to learn more!

Also incase you haven’t seen it, Watch Arden’s Masterclass: 

“The 5 Step Strategy Smart, Professional Singers Use to Finally Get That Breakthrough in Their Singing which Ushers In Big, Sustainable Careers”

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