Truth Bomb

I’m gonna be brutally honest for a second.

Right now, there are thousands of singers trying to make it in this business.

  • They’re twisting themselves into pretzels to be, sound and look like what they think the industry wants.
  • They’re obsessively focused on mastering technique.
  • They’re going on TV reality shows like The Voice, Idol  and AGT just to get noticed.
  • They’re even paying  to perform instead of getting paid to perform (pay-to-play gigs and YAPs).

And despite all of that, most of them aren’t even close to getting paid to sing regularly, much less touring around the world to widespread acclaim.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that the strategies I mentioned above – people pleasing the industry, technique tunnel vision, reality shows and “pay-to play” gigs  – are absolutely worthless, in my opinion.

If you want a world class singing career, you’ll never get there in a million years if you do those things. There’s a much shorter path.

But is that the REAL reason talented, professional singers are struggling?


The real reason is that most of these singers lack vulnerability.


When they perform, they present a façade of who they think they need to be to succeed, so their performances are utterly forgettable because the audience has missed out on everything that actually makes them special.

They’re so focused on singing technically perfectly (yes opera singers, I’m talking to you) that the perfectionism and fear of failure paralyzes them from connecting to themselves and their audience in a visceral way (the way that keeps audiences coming back for more). 

And when auditions or showcases are in the mix, vulnerability REALLY goes out the window because the stakes are high, they’re afraid of being judged and they have something to prove…

…and when that happens, they shutdown. Phrases and notes they know  they can sing don’t come out right, they’re all in their head and it just feels like fight or flight the whole time.

Let’s be honest – have you had this happen?

If you have, don’t sweat it. Nobody’s perfect. I’ve experienced it too.

But now that you know where a lack of vulnerability leads….

I believe you owe it to yourself to start making vulnerability the #1 priority in your singing.

What if I told you there were a way you could do the most high stakes auditions without ever compromising your vulnerability?

What if there were a way you could sing an entire live concert…and feel 100% comfortable in your own skin with your most true, organic sound and demonstrate total vulnerability the entire time?

Obviously, that’d be really different than what everyone else is doing, right?

Just by displaying a little vulnerability, you set yourself up for landing tons of auditions, booking sold out tours and making chart topping records because you will finally CONNECT.

If you want to have a world class singing career by accessing your vulnerability, then here’s what I have for you: 

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