The Age Old Question: Is It You….Or Is It Your Teacher?

Throughout my many years of training, I’ve done singing programs and worked with teachers before that DIDN’T do a great job.

One didn’t even bother to give me any critique – I spent $200 to blaze through song after song….I can do THAT at a karaoke bar for free! Another program’s information page was totally misleading (and the program was incomplete), and another teacher turned out to be incredibly verbally abusive.

It didn’t matter – because I sang around the world and performed for thousands anyway.

You know why? Because I DECIDED that I would. The truth is: even 1 small, new idea can have such a big a ripple effect on your singing and your career…..even if executed imperfectly.

Of course – as a coach, I make sure I give my singers everything they sign up for AND MORE – but ideas *alone* don’t get you the results.


DECIDE you’re gonna get a return on the training you invest in. Implement the ideas, take it to out into the world, run with it.

Implementation is the only path to breaking in and making a big impact with your voice. Get moving and get your dream!

If you have talent and training but are struggling to find the best ideas you can implement to break in, schedule a call with me and let’s get you stepping into the best version of yourself as a singer FAST!

I want to be upfront that this call is NOT for everyone.

This is for you if:

  • you have had a lot of training and experience already,
  • you are out there hustling for your dream
  • you’re committed, decisive, resourceful, accountable and you are ready to Up-level.

If you have not had much one-on-one technical training up to this point, if you haven’t been in voice lessons regularly, then first things first. . . .you need that training FIRST.
Don’t book this call. Go get that first.

Cause if you haven’t studied one-on-one to get a baseline of technique……then make a decision to solidify THAT first.

And if you HAVE had a good deal of training and you’re still not where you want to be in your singing and your career…..

  • If in your quiet moments you wonder if you really have what it takes to make it…..will you ever be able to do this on a big scale or will you be stuck with day jobs and side jobs forever?
  • And if you KNOW that you are absolutely committed, decisive, resourceful and accountable to making a huge impact with your voice……

…..those are the main ingredients I look for in artists that I know I can help, so if you need a boost to get there I’m here for you.

Click here to book a call.





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