SINGERS IN THE TIME OF COVID-19: How To Stay Sane While Everything Is Going A Little Nuts

Here’s a little hope and help for performers during Covid-19.

The pandemic is obviously top of mind for everyone right now, and it’s affecting each of us in different ways.

Today I wanted to bring you some of the training I do with the singers in my Intensive Program because the same ideas can be really helpful to center yourself amid Coronavirus and everything associated with it.

There are some great tools and reframes in here to help you find some sanity and grace amid all that we are experiencing right now.

You can access it by clicking below to watch.
SINGERS IN THE TIME OF COVID-19: How to stay sane while everything is going a little nuts.

I want to support you in the ways that I can to give you some hope right now and this video training is just one small gesture.

The performing community is dealing with a lot of fear and uncertainty right now given the effects of COVID-19 on our industry.
The ideas in this video are aimed at guiding you to create a new emotional home for yourself around the challenges we are all facing.
In doing so, I hope you will feel empowered to live your life and continue taking inspired action towards your singing goals and dreams because THIS WILL END – it might be one more month, it might be three, we don’t know, but it WILL END. 
And I don’t want this time to be a waste for you. 
I want you to come out the other side of this a BETTER singer then you went into it – with more ability and more clarity – so that you can succeed like crazy when we’re all out there auditioning and performing again. 

There is support and help for performers during Covid-19 – stay empowered! Be resourceful! I’m here for you.

Hope you’re staying safe and doing what you can to #flattenthecurve.




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