Career Advice For Singers During COVID-19

Some career advice for singers during Covid-19……

I’ve been thinking about time lately. (Covid-19 is definitely making me introspective these days!)

Being stuck at home without the usual daily routine – I’m experiencing time so much differently than usual. And I’m so present to the fact that none of us are promised a tomorrow.

That could be seen as very morbid, or it could be really motivating depending on your mindset.

And I know that a lot of you reading this may not yet be where you want to be in your life, in your singing or in your career yet.

Then the thought came to me…..what if there were a pill that could magically get you to that next level in your career right this moment, would you take it?

Of course you would!

Who wouldn’t want to skip all the periods of self-doubt and angst we go through on this artistic journey?

But then the thought came to me……….what if it doesn’t have to be such a struggle?

The more time I spend working with mind/body connections in singers, the more I am convinced that the “magical pill” to unlocking the consistency and growth we all want, is in understanding how to use Present Moment Awareness to step out of the old story of what’s wrong and into a new belief around what’s possible for your voice.

There’s a quote that I love: “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present”.

We singers are SO very good at being in our head when we sing.

When we approach the part of a song or a circumstance in our career that’s difficult for us, rarely, if ever, are we in the present moment. Most of us are either stuck in the past (re-experiencing the trauma of the times it went badly before) or worrying about the future (unsure if we’re going to be able to succeed this time).

Our body has a physical reaction to being in the spin of past trauma and future worry which prevents us from accessing our most efficient singing technique and connecting with our audience.

However, when we focus on staying in the present moment of every note, we allow the body to work for us rather than against us when we sing.  We are able to take inspired action towards our dreams rather then unknowingly sabotaging ourselves.

This is not just touchy feely, woo-woo, zen master alchemy. It really works!

I see it everyday with the singers in my Intensive.

  • What if you could build the foundation in your singing for all the success you want in just the next 60 days?
  • What if you could win more auditions and release more successful recordings once we’re all back out auditioning and performing again than you did in ALL of 2019?
  • What if you could start opening doors with your voice that brought in more income?
  • What if you could book your first Equity tour?
  • What if you could have a song YOU wrote charting in the Billboard top 30?
  • What if you could get the role you’ve always wanted at your next audition?

(P.S.  –  All of these are real results from my singers – that have happened in the last year.)

Would you be willing to ask for help, implement the expertise and do the work to have everything you want?

If the answer is yes, then consider this. . . . the #1 MOST important NON-renewable resource we have is time.

And now???? We’ve got LOADS of it. (Gracias Covid-19)
Thanks to the lockdown and shelter-at-home from the pandemic we’ve not got nothing but time!

Do you want to use it to become a better singer – a better performer – and open far more doors in your career then you could before all this?

If the answer is yes, don’t waste any more time.

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This is the PERFECT time to commit to the future of your singing… that when the virus passes and everything is up and running again, you come out the other side of it a BETTER singer. A better performer. Better equipped to succeed like crazy when we are all back out of the house auditioning and performing again.

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Please stay safe out there and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need support, whether is for more career advice for singers during Covid-19 or anything else. I’m here for you!


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