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The Age Old Question: Is It You….Or Is It Your Teacher?

Throughout my many years of training, I’ve done singing programs and worked with teachers before that DIDN’T do a great job. One didn’t even bother to give me any critique – I spent $200 to blaze through song after song….I can do THAT at a karaoke bar for free! Another program’s information page was totally misleading (and the program was incomplete), and another teacher turned out to be incredibly verbally abusive. It didn’t matter – because I sang around the world and performed for thousands anyway. You know why? Because I DECIDED that I would. The truth is: even 1 small, new idea can have such a big a ripple effect on your singing and your career…..even if executed imperfectly. Of course – as a coach, I make sure I give my singers everything they sign up for AND MORE – but ideas *alone* don’t get you the results. YOUR EXECUTION DOES. DECIDE you’re gonna get a return on the training you invest in. Implement the ideas, take it to out into the world, run with it. Implementation is the only path to breaking in and making a big impact with your voice. Get moving and get your dream! If you