Change Your Singing With One Question

Have you seen yourself and other singers asking: “But what if it doesn’t work out?”

“What if I’m never able to make a living as a singer?”
“What if I’m rejected by the industry?”
“What if I’m never able to break in?”
“What if try it and fail?”
“What if I can’t do it after all the training and effort?”

This one question stunts most singers’ growth severely.
It prevents you from taking a chance, from doing something differently, from having a shot at success.

And in the meantime, most singers asking this question are wasting the MOST important non-renewable resource in their life: TIME.

While this question continues to run on the treadmill in their heads – getting nowhere fast, preventing them from success – hours turn into days, weeks, months and years – AND NOTHING CHANGES.

  • 3 years in – they’re still putting themselves out there and coming up short.
  • 5 years in – they’re wondering if it’s time to let their artistic dream go and commit to a “real” job.
  • 10 years in – they’re feeling bitter that all this hard work went into their singing and didn’t count for anything.

So, I want to flip this question for you: WHAT IF IT DOES WORK OUT?

>> What if you can build the foundation in your singing for the success you want in the next 60 days?
>> What if you can win more auditions and release more successful recordings in the next 6 months than you did in ALL of 2019?
>> What if you could start opening doors with your voice that brought in more income?
>> What if you could book your first Equity tour?
>> What if you could have a song YOU wrote charting in the Billboard top 30?
>> What if you could get the role you’ve always wanted at your next audition?

(P.S.  –  All of these are real results from my singers – that have happened in the last year.)

Would you be willing to ask for help, implement the expertise and do the work to have everything you want?

If the answer is YES, let’s get you stepping into the best version of yourself as a singer FAST!

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