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Change Your Singing With One Question

Have you seen yourself and other singers asking: “But what if it doesn’t work out?” “What if I’m never able to make a living as a singer?” “What if I’m rejected by the industry?” “What if I’m never able to break in?” “What if try it and fail?” “What if I can’t do it after all the training and effort?” This one question stunts most singers’ growth severely. It prevents you from taking a chance, from doing something differently, from having a shot at success. And in the meantime, most singers asking this question are wasting the MOST important non-renewable resource in their life: TIME. While this question continues to run on the treadmill in their heads – getting nowhere fast, preventing them from success – hours turn into days, weeks, months and years – AND NOTHING CHANGES. 3 years in – they’re still putting themselves out there and coming up short. 5 years in – they’re wondering if it’s time to let their artistic dream go and commit to a “real” job. 10 years in – they’re feeling bitter that all this hard work went into their singing and didn’t count for anything. So, I want to flip this question for