Truth Bomb

Here’s a little truth bomb to light a firecracker under your behind today:

The happiest people in the world don’t wait for permission to create the life they desire…they just do it.

We’ve all heard the now overused phrase “unprecedented times“….and yes it’s true, these are. But in order to be fulfilled we must ask ourselves:
How do we find unprecedented opportunity and achieve unprecedented results in unprecedented times?
What if the answer was right here within you?
What if all it required were a choice?

Normally, right now you would be in the middle of audition season, setting up holiday gigs, or booking a spring tour. You’d be singing at your church gigs or in final dress rehearsals of a new show as the fall season of all the opera companies and broadway companies gets underway. You might be collaborating with cowriters, in the studio with session musicians, or performing at open mics around town.

But in this new normal, it’s hard to do anything the way we used to.

There are those who will wait for things to return to “normal” – who will hunker down and put their goals/dreams on ice while they wait for this to be over. And they will suffer.

They will suffer for all the reasons you can imagine: they’re going day to day not living their gifts, disempowered by everything they think they can’t do, cowed by all the uncertainty of when they will finally get to come back to their singing/performing life, missing their craft and their community terribly, sitting on their hands waiting for someone to give them permission to return to business as usual as their joy dwindles and their frustration mounts.

Then, there are those who have made a different choice – those who are not waiting for anything, anyone, or any circumstance to create the life they desire from their gifts – even now.

They’re asking themselves, “What’s the opportunity here?”

When faced with “unprecedented times,” instead of contracting, they see this as an opportunity to LEAN IN! Think out of the box! Create their own future! They are charting a new course with their talent that will serve them through this “unprecedented time” and they’re gonna come out the other side of this better than they went into it.

I know it can be scary to commit to a new way of doing things, especially now, but COVID is not going away anytime soon……think of the consequences of sitting on your hands and not using this time to change things up.

If I’ve learned anything in my years on this planet, it’s that I GET TO CHOOSE the life that I want.

And if I want different results than I’ve been getting, if I want a different reality than I’ve been living in, then I’ve got to be willing to do something radically different to get there.

For awhile now, I’ve been coaching a group of savvy singers in deploying a DIFFERENT strategy that allows them to effortlessly perform at their very best, blow away their spectators and skyrocket their careers – without burning themselves out, resorting to industry fads, or having to be someone they’re not just to get noticed.

It’s this same strategy that has empowered them to success EVEN NOW during Covid. Yes… heard me right……the singers in my program have been having success in their careers despite these “unprecedented times.”

Just ask Tess Collins who’d never had a commercially released record prior to working with me in The Intensive and now, a couple of months later, her song will be in the new ad campaign for Estee Lauder (the multi-national cosmetics brand).

She posted her celebration in our FB group:

You think Tess was sitting on her hands?

The universe does not wait for you to get yourself in gear, it moves on with or without you.

Don’t get left behind.

I know it can be hard to undo old patterns that threaten to keep us playing small. I recognize that most people need a structure and the support of an expert guide and a proven system to help them tap into their power, unleash the potential of their talent, and get where they want to go.

If you’ve got talent and training but you know there’s more in you, if you don’t want to waste any more time and you could use some support claiming your new normal, book a call with me.

An important disclaimer: If you are just at the beginning of this career, if you’ve never had one-on-one voice lessons before, if you haven’t yet seriously invested your time, energy, or resources into your singing, then please do not book a call at this time – this call is not yet for you.

This call is only for serious singers who have been doing all they can, are done feeling sidelined, and are ready to take it to the next level.

If that’s you, then I invite you to book a call by clicking HERE.

We’ll get some clarity on what’s been stopping you from claiming the voice and the opportunities that are waiting for you and I’ll share with you the strategy I use to help singers bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to go…..EVEN in “unprecedented times.”









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