What Is The 2 Month Intensive Program?

Before I get into the real purpose of this email, I want to invite you to consider something. 

And that is…….we are all in this pandemic together, and we are all handling these extraordinary circumstances in our own unique way. 

For me, I think it’s important that I still run my studio as normally as possible, as it supports not only the hundreds of singers in our tribe, but also financially supports my team and my family – which in turn supports the economy. 

If you would prefer NOT to hear about programs I am offering, please click ‘Unsubscribe’ at the bottom of this message and we’ll be sure to exclude you from any future emails. 

And, if you’re someone for whom a program like The 2 Month Intensive, along with my personal support and the support of other amazing singers doing the real work to get past their blocks to succeed like crazy when this is all over, would be helpful right now… please read on. 

Thank you so much for your consideration and remember you can always join me for my FREE live weekly trainings in my Facebook Group “The Pro Singer Success Collective” here.

So, what is The 2 Month Intensive program?
Well, it’s a life changing program for singers that I created from my own journey of understanding the difference between good singing and GREAT singing, performances that happen vs performances that make a HUGE IMPACT, and singing careers that struggle to thrive………vs singing careers that SUCCEED big time.  

I continue to be so blown away by the results that graduates of The Intensive are getting.

Allow me to share a little about what recent grads have been creating. . . . .

  • Liz W. booked her first Equity show.
  • Kay S. has a song she wrote charting in the Billboard top 30.
  • Perri S. booked a role in the first opera audition she went on after only two weeks in the program.

I’m still in awe of the work these singers, and so many dedicated others too numerous to list here, have done in the program and their results.

Now, I want to help more singers to access that. 

Especially now. My desire is for you to feel even more grounded and connected to the highest potential of your singing and yourself than ever. 

I know it’s a scary and uncomfortable time. 

I want to support you in becoming fully ready and capable of having the career you yearn for when this is all over. 

Not sure if you saw this yet.
But I did a training in which I share the strategy I use with singers in The Intensive.

It outlines the super simple process for talented, experienced singers to finally breakthrough in their singing and their career at the level they have always wanted. 

The training also covers why traditional voice lessons and vocal programs are NOT a good strategy if you really want to be able to quit that day job to build a big, sustainable singing career…….and what you can do to create immediate momentum TODAY.

If effortlessly performing your very best and making an unforgettable impact every time you sing WITHOUT burning yourself out, resorting to industry fads or having to be someone you’re not just to get noticed is important to you, I invite you to watch the training.

Check out the replay of the training here.

Hope you are staying safe!








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