How To Trust Your Voice (NPR Interview)

Is your singing career stuck in first gear because you’re afraid of really putting yourself out there? 😬

Or did it used to be easy to put yourself out there, but now…..after so much time and energy constantly chasing this dream and constantly coming up short, are you so beat down that it’s becoming harder and harder to keep putting yourself out there?

So many giant talents never reach their potential because of fear.

In my studio and in my Intensive program, a lot of the singers started out that way.

They’re knowledgeable and talented and want to build a world-class singing career…….
But they’re stuck.

Bottom line is, you can’t be successful if all these things are dragging you down, no matter how talented you are.

If you want to understand how to master your fear and trust your voice so that you can stand in your greatness every time you sing and open all the doors to an impactful career, join Daron Larson and I for a fascinating discussion on artistry, singing, fear and trust.

Daron is the host of a great NPR show (and podcast) called “The Art Of Attention” and he had me as a guest recently.


I know this will help you learn to trust your voice!








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