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Truth Bomb

Here’s a little truth bomb to light a firecracker under your behind today: The happiest people in the world don’t wait for permission to create the life they desire…they just do it. We’ve all heard the now overused phrase “unprecedented times“….and yes it’s true, these are. But in order to be fulfilled we must ask ourselves: How do we find unprecedented opportunity and achieve unprecedented results in unprecedented times? What if the answer was right here within you? What if all it required were a choice? Normally, right now you would be in the middle of audition season, setting up holiday gigs, or booking a spring tour. You’d be singing at your church gigs or in final dress rehearsals of a new show as the fall season of all the opera companies and broadway companies gets underway. You might be collaborating with cowriters, in the studio with session musicians, or performing at open mics around town. But in this new normal, it’s hard to do anything the way we used to. There are those who will wait for things to return to “normal” – who will hunker down and put their goals/dreams on ice while they wait for this to