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2 Habits You MUST Break. . . to be a successful professional singer

Do you sometimes get discouraged trying become a successful professional singer? Do you ever have days where you feel like quitting, like giving up on your singing dreams because it just seems so impossible and you feel so beat down? And it makes you stop… and think… and you start questioning EVERYTHING. Asking yourself questions like:       Who the hell do I think I am trying to do this?        Am I really good enough to break through?       Should I change directions?        Am I wasting my time? Then a whole day (or days) has gone by and you haven’t moved forward at all. The big problem is that you’ve started to question yourself and your dream, because of a whole bunch of crap you have no control over. It’s like a cancer that takes over everything you do.   This kind of self-sabotage is something I’ve seen kill the careers of some incredibly talented singers. Singers that had the potential to become absolute game changers and make a real impact.  The truth is, having a sustainable career as a successful professional singer can be like crossing a mine field. There are