Do THIS to Nail Your Next Audition

Did you know that the main difference between seasoned singers who build their careers to widespread acclaim and the ones who remain in ‘Struggleville’ has nothing to do with talent or technique? To grow your singing career fast and make a massive impact with your performances / recordings / auditions, you’ve got to understand this and get it right. I want to share with you what I’ve learned so you can have the freedom in your singing and abundance in your career that you deserve. In this video we discuss exactly what your need to do to deliver when it counts so that you can go from ‘struggleville’ to successful!

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3 Big Mistakes Singers Make – Are You Making Them Too?

Today I’m gonna discuss 3 Big Mistakes that I see singers making all the time without even realizing it. Make these mistakes, and you’re going to have a hell of a time EVER getting off the day-job band wagon and making a big impact with your voice. These 3 Big Mistakes all grow out of one thing. . . . You think of yourself as an Artist. NO! You are a BUSINESS Until you stop thinking of yourself as an artist and start thinking of yourself as a business, you will probably make one, if not all, of these 3 Big Mistakes that keep you from having the success you know you deserve. Mistake #1:  No Strategy I see singers trying to build what in the business world would be called a “Franken-career”. You’re learning everything you’re going need to know for a successful singing career, but it’s like they’re each a puzzle piece from a different box. You learned vocal technique from this expert voice teacher over here You learned performance skills from that program over there You learned audition techniques from this class over here You learned songwriting or recording techniques from that intensive over there You learned about promotion