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Day-Job Burnout to FULL TIME ARTIST: Interview w/ Grace T.

FROM DAY-JOB BURNOUT to FULLTIME ARTIST How does a singer-songwriter go from working a day job that’s making her miserable… . . .to being a full time artist getting paid to do what she loves everyday? That’s what happened to my amazing client Grace Theisen! Grace had been hustling for years to breakthrough in her singing career but it was going nowhere. Her performances and recordings weren’t making an impact which left her stuck in a day job that was sucking the life out of her.  She wanted to be supporting herself with her gifts, recording & touring for a living and having that sense of joy everyday because she was doing what she loves. But. . .  She didn’t have a reliable voice (there was so much tension & strain sabotaging her best sound). Her recordings weren’t getting any spins and she wasn’t landing paid singing gigs Then she took a leap of faith, committed to her dream, put her resources behind it…. And here’s what’s happened: A year later she won a huge development deal through The Best New Artist Competition, her single is on a top 10 Spotify playlist, she’s no longer at her miserable day job