How to Stay the Course for A Long, Successful Singing Career

Has Covid thrown a giant wrench into your singing over the last year? It’s been a giant challenge for SO many to create a successful singing career . 

As things creep slowly back to normal, it got me thinking about challenges.

To be a professional singer, you are signing up for A LOT of challenges, ups and downs an unknowns.

I have known SO many singers who never made it – not because they weren’t talented – but because it was too hard to withstand the ups and downs and the unknowns over the long haul so they quit before they found success.

I’ve also known many talented singers who were so scared of the ups and downs that they just never put themselves out there in the first place, and now they live with the pain of “what if” every day. 

And after all my years working in this business, I’ve realized that there’s ONE thing that will allow you to successfully weather the challenges of this journey so that you don’t give up before you have a successful singing career.

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