How Long Does It Take To See Results In Your Singing?

Let’s talk about RESULTS for a second……there are so many online voice teachers and singing workshops these days, but do they actually deliver lasting results in your singing, and if so, how long does it actually take to SEE results? 

Most singers have been conditioned by voice teachers to believe that singing at the level they want is a looooooong and gradual process. 

And they’re right in the sense that if you do it their way – the old, traditional way –  it IS a long and gradual process.

But what if there were another way to get results MUCH more quickly?

What if there was something different then the online voice teachers and singing workshops you’ve been doing that have disappointed you because you’re STILL dealing with the same old issues in your singing and your career?

Today I want to introduce you to the fabulous blues/folk singer-songwriter Grace Theisen.

Grace is a blues/folk singer-songwriter who went from being sidelined by the effects of nerves, tension and vocal fatigue to blazing a new trail in her career with rock solid confidence in her voice, zero vocal fatigue AND a brand new record. . . . .in EIGHT WEEKS. 

If you’ve been at this for a long time and not seeing the results you want in your singing, don’t miss this conversation to learn how Grace broke free of everything that was sabotaging her to do more in 8 weeks than she’d done all year.

Click below to watch!

This is a whole new paradigm: an online voice teacher and online singing workshop that catalyzes your technique, inspires your artistry and grounds your mindset to get lasting results faster then doing it any other way.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Grace will tell you herself… above.







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