Demystifying Breath Support

Lately I’ve been noticing just how much confusion and frustration singers have around breath support and breathing for singing.  
Singers can get SO down on themselves when they don’t feel their breath is beneath them. Do you relate?
You’re tired of the fear of not making it to the end of the phrase. You wonder why your high notes feel strained. You’re frustrated when you don’t consistently sing the way you want to. You start blaming yourself that it’s all your fault you don’t really have what it takes. You start wondering if you are talented enough to be on this path.  
The Inner Critic runs riot when, in reality. . . . . it’s not your fault!
It ALL comes down to breath support.  And you just haven’t been given the right tools to unlock the foundation of your support yet. 
In my 20 years of helping singers and being a professional singer myself, I’ve discovered this:
The key to unlocking the foundation of good singing starts with getting under the hood to understand a few simple concepts about the physiology of breath support and sound. It’s a step that SO often gets skipped.
But that stops today!!
Now I’m all fired up . . . . . .you feel me?!?!??
There’s just no reason why you should have to be frustrated, especially when I can help you.
I want to give you guys a path towards the ease and consistency available to you, and thanks to FB Live, there’s an easy way to do that!

In this LIVE Ep.1 talk about a few key concepts that I think totally demystify breath support.

Click below to watch.

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Do you have a burning question or frustration about breath support you’d like me to discuss in a future FB Live? Email me!! 
Are you an advanced singer who’s been coasting along with the same understanding of support for a while, wondering if there’s another layer of ease and consistency there for you? Tune in!! I’ve got a whole new perspective for you.
My studio is designed to be an inspiring place full of resources and ideas for you, so tell me what’s on your mind. Don’t be shy!
I want you to become a wiser, stronger and happier singer. It’s time to breakthrough to new levels of singing by changing how you think about and use your voice. (Seriously!)
Watch me LIVE on Facebook HERE, in Episode 1.

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