The Secret To Great Singing – An Interview

Do you ever notice how easy it is to get caught up in the minutia of your singing technique? We spend so much time and energy perfecting and polishing every little thing, seeking out technique tips and testing out performance hacks in hopes of finding the secret to great singing. But in doing so, we can so easily loose sight of what the purpose of it all is.

Above all else, we are artists. We are creators seeking to share our experience of the world with others through our voice.

“To be an artist is to witness the world. Open your ears, open your eyes. Notice the gifts around you.”

That’s a wonderful quote from bestselling author, Dani Shapiro on maximizing the creative process.

When we become so consumed with the physical practice of our technique, it can be like walking through a landscape with blinders on. We only see the 10% of the landscape we are focused on, and we miss everything else around us that could be informing our journey.

When we take in the world and witness it with an open heart, we reconnect with the creative artists that we are. In doing so, we are much more able to use our talents to connect to our audience through the experience of our shared human truths.

At the end of the day, your ability to connect and inspire is the secret to great singing. 

So today, take your blinders off when you sing.

Do as Dani Shapiro suggests. .  . .witness the world. Look around you and take everything in – the beauty, the pain , the love, the sorrow, the abundance, the decay – all of it. Breathe it in with gentle awareness as you sing. See it. Feel it. And let it inspire your vibration today.

It took me many years to learn how to take my blinders off.  Learn more about my story in this Focus TV interview I did recently.

In this interview I talk about:

  • My journey from being an opera singer to being a recording artist to doing what I do today.
  • How Adele and Sam Smith are examples of what not to do (even though they are super talented and we love them)
  • The trap that experienced singers fall into that keeps them from finding a coach and continuing to train.
  • What used to drive me crazy in voice lessons during my training.
  • What brings me the most joy as a singer and teacher.

Click below to watch.

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Remember, your voice is a unique gift that the world is just waiting to receive.

Step out of the old story and into your potential. The world with thank you for it, I promise!

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