How To Sing Without A Nasal Tone

It’s coming on summer and one of my favorite things to do here in Los Angeles in summer is go to concerts at The Hollywood Bowl. Hearing amazing music under the stars on a balmy evening with a gourmet picnic and a great glass of wine – well, there’s not much else that can beat that in my book.

(If you’re not from L.A. or have never been to The Bowl before, here’s a photo:)

Hollywood Bowl

Then I realized that The Hollywood Bowl actually plays a huge part in what I teach and how I sing, and THAT makes me love The Bowl even more!

You see, so many singers suffer from a brassy or nasal resonance in their sound. How do you sing without a nasal tone? How do you fix a brassy sound? You guessed it . . . . The Hollywood Bowl!

In today’s video I will explain how The Hollywood Bowl can help you sing without a nasal tone and rid your resonance of an overly brassy timbre. The ideas in this video were game changing for me when I first learned them, and I’m really excited to share them with you now.

You will learn:

  • The single most important body part which effects your timbre the most
  • How to change the shape of your anatomy to sing without a nasal sound
  • How fudge brownies and breathing can change a brassy tone
  • How to use your ears to maintain an open resonance

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Once you’ve had a chance to watch, join in the comments and weigh in on which insight meant the most to you and why.

Thank you for watching, sharing and adding your voice to the discussion.

When the challenges of our singing have us feeling frustrated, it’s conversations like these that remind us we are not alone on this journey.

Keep on keepin’ on — you will get there!

Because as Albert Einstein said “No problem can be solved at the level of awareness from which it was created.”

By being a member of this community you are on the path to increasing your awareness around your voice. Remember, changing thinking = changing singing.

Enjoy today’s video as you soak in some new awareness!

All my love,


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