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Are You WIRED For a Successful Singing Career? –       When it comes to nailing auditions & recordings are you able to get in the door but the results are not consistently what you want?   –       Do you find your insecure thoughts ever hijack your brain when you’re in a callback or a showcase? –       Do you feel super confident one minute, and the next it’s as if insecurity or perfectionism jumps into the driver’s seat and takes control (taking you helplessly along for the ride?)   Sure, you want to up-level your singing career  –       you’re tired of getting underpaid singing local and regional gigs,  –       you’re tired of watching people less talented then you surpass you and get the opportunities YOU want    but let’s get vulnerable for just a moment. . . . .   Deep down, I KNOW you’ve had days (or weeks or months) where you’re thinking: –       “what am I doing here? My normie friends are moving up in their careers, making real income, buying houses, finally achieving things and I still feel like I’m at the kid’s