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[LIVE] Best Way to Get Rid of Tension & Strain

[LIVE] Best Way to Get Rid of Tension & Strain How to get rid of tension and strain in your voice??? Fix your Breath Support! Bad support is the #1 cause of tension and strain. Let’s annihilate it!!! Come to the BREATH SUPPORT BOOTCAMP this Saturday, January 20th . The Bootcamp registration closes in 3 days. Get in before it’s full! This is your opportunity to have my step-by-step GUIDANCE on your breath support, where I answer your questions, watch you, listen to you, make sure you have total clarity and are doing it right. Breath support is the foundation that your singing potential is built on, and in this LIVE, interactive, online bootcamp, you’re gonna learn how to master it. I’m going to show you EXACTLY: – What reliable breath support really IS and what it ISN’T. – The big things that unknowingly sabotage your support and how to annihilate them. . . – The #1 way to create unshakable consistency for your support and the best exercises to practice it. – My tried and true, step-by-step system for how to understand Appoggio and employ it. AND the best way to translate these techniques into your repertoire so you