Singers Are Not A Commodity

There’s something I want you to tattoo on your heart:

Other singers (ie. your competitors) are irrelevant.

I hear a lot of singers stressing: “Oh…but so many other singers are already doing this [song, genre. style].”

Okay…… what?!?!?!?

Does that mean that they’re the ONLY singer who can be successful in your space?

That there’s only room for one person to succeed in your genre?

Heck NO!

Listen: if you’re a pro singer – your audience is NOT *just* buying a performance.

When your listeners are scouring iTunes for new music, they’re not just buying your song.

When you audition, the panel is not just buying your ability to deliver a performance.

They are buying into YOU.

Your energy, your point of view, your ESSENCE.

Yes, of course they want a song or a performance – but they can get that from a million other singers and a million other songs.

But do they WANT to do that? No!

They want someone they can relate to.

They want someone who speaks to them.

They want the experience of engaging with YOU.


It doesn’t matter how many other singers do the exact same thing as you.

What matters is that you show up for your audience from your truth. That you share your energy with them consistently. That you give them a chance to know you, want you and pay for your art because…..

Your message, your energy and your voice ARE NOT the same as anyone else’s – and THAT is what sets you apart.

It’s safe to trust yourself when you show up.

It’s safe to know that showing up fully as yourself is enough.

It’s safe to put yourself out there as a professional to be paid for your art – knowing that the right people are going to be delighted to see it – and that they want it.

People out there are waiting for your magic. Will you keep depriving them? I hope not!

Go out and do your thing in a bigger way today.

And if you’d like some help getting past the blocks to do that, book a call with me.

Anne S. did and now, after just 2 short months of working in The Intensive, she’s singing with a whole new reality.

Read what she posted yesterday in our 2 Month Intensive FB group:

If you are a singer who, like Anne, has a ton of training but are still feeling blocked between where you are and where you want to go with your singing, then ask yourself these simple questions:

1. Am I committed to making a career and a life out of my talent?
2. Am I open and coachable?
3. Am I accountable to doing the daily work to get past my blocks?

If the answer is yes, don’t waste any more time.

Schedule a call with me and let’s make a plan to get you past those blocks so you can finally build the voice and career you know you’re capable of.

Click here to book a call.

Hope you are staying safe!








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