How To Let Go Of The Baggage Holding You Back From Singing Your Best

There is something I’ve been meaning to tell you. It’s something you may not tell yourself very often so I’m going to say it to you now.

You are a wonderful singer.


May I ask you a question?

When you read my compliment just now, did any part of you flinch? Were you able to soak it in or did your inner critic chime in with doubt that the compliment was really meant for you, and go on to remind you of the ways it thinks your singing isn’t really that wonderful?

I believe that at its core, singing is an exchange of energy. We use our bodies to create a sound – a form of energy unique to us – which we put out there to be absorbed by those who can hear it. That energy affects those listening and in doing so, their energy transforms in relation to it.

For many of you, years spent internalizing the sentiments of your inner critic has created limiting beliefs. And when you have limiting beliefs about your voice and your talent, it negatively effects your ability to fully engage in the energetic exchange of sound in powerful ways.

Most fundamentally, limiting beliefs cause you to stop trusting yourself and your body’s innate ability to make resonant sound. They prevent you from being able to fully employ the technique you otherwise intellectually understand. They make you forget what is special about your unique voice and they convince you that you have to sound like someone else or something else to be successful.

The effects of your limiting beliefs get held in your body – your instrument – in the form of tension which ultimately blocks the sound energy from flowing freely and efficiently. When this happens, you are prevented from wholly participating in the exchange of energy that is at the essence of what it is to sing.

In order to reach the potential of your voice and be able to sing with ultimate power and freedom, you need to be reminded of who you are and what you were before these limiting beliefs began to stifle you.

So today I’m bringing you a really profound piece of writing that gets right to the heart of shifting limiting beliefs. 

It’s written by an esteemed colleague, life coach, speaker and author Christine Hassler who I’m also proud to call a very dear, old friend. She posted this note to the thousands of subscribers of her podcast this week and after I read it, I had to share it with you.

Take a read if you want to soak in something incredibly simple, powerful and true about how you got to this point and how you can move forward without the baggage that’s holding you back – in your singing and in your life!

Click HERE to read Christine’s post.

When we change our thinking, we change our singing. 

I truly believe that because I’ve seen it work.

I want you to experience it too. Are you ready to start the transformation?

If this post today has struck a cord with you and you are interested in exploring this kind of deeper, more holistic type of work on your singing, you might be ready to do The 4 Month Intensive.

I designed it specifically for singers like you who have reached a plateau in their singing and are hungry for work that can help them break through to the next level. The 4 Month Intensive merges high level technical training with proven mindfulness practices to get under the hood and facilitate real change. If this kind of work feels aligned to you, reach out to me for more information.





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